Calculation of an example offer for 10 people


Specification of services

Price in EUR

Buggy tour

25.11.2013, 9 am.
You are about 5 hours on the road by the buggies, after this starts the jet ski tour for about 40 min.
Includes lunch and transfer service from / to the hotel; 6 Buggies, 6 Jet Skis


26.11.2013, 11 am.
Entrance fee; without lunch; no transfer service from / to the hotel; no time limit; incl. 100 shots munition per person and equipment;
possibly oncost for additional munition:
6 EUR for 100 shots; 24 EUR for 500 shots; 85 EUR for 2.000 shots


27.11.2013, 8:30 am.
Includes lunch menu and transfer service from / to the hotel; time on board approx. 5 hours

Go-Kart competition

28.11.2013, 10:30 am.
Includes lunch menu; no transfer service from / to the hotel; time approx. 3 hours
Timetable: part 1: warm up approx. 8 minutes; part 2: qualifying approx. 8 minutes;
part 3: competition approx. 15 minutes; breaks in between each about 10-15 minutes


24.11.2013, 4:30 pm.; transfer service from the airport to the hotel
29.11.2013, 7:00 am.; transfer service from the hotel to the airport


26.11.2013, 10:30 am; transfer service to the paintball event and back
28.11.2013, 10:00 am; transfer service to the Go-Kart event and back



Plus 7% Canarian value added tax (IGIC)


Total amount


This corresponds to about 342 EUR per person for four days full of action and fun including food and (airport) transfer services.

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