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Here you find all bookable activities with corresponding short descriptions and approximate prices per adult, so you get a roughly financial overview. Child prices are partially available. At the same time you can see if the transfer from and to the hotel in the price is inclusive or not. The prices are negotiable with the organizers depending on the number of persons. Of course, on request you get more detailed information about the individual activities.
If you want to book Excursions directly you will be redirected to the website of CANCO Travel Services.

Price / Person from

Buggy tour:
Great fun on four wheels! Experience Gran Canaria from the racing perspective and feel withal how the adrenaline pumps in your veins. You can choose between a three (from 67,50 EUR) and a two hour tour (from 54 EUR).
Here you can book your buggy tour in Gran Canaria: Two-hour Buggy Tour - Three-hour Buggy Tour

54,00 EUR
incl. Transfer

Gourmet tour (Note, not yet bookable. Offer is still in development.):
Accompany us on a culinary island tour. Get to know the mostly Canarian food at the various stations of this journey. And the wine tasting session will be a real treat for your palate. In this manner this tour will create a positive memory - but not only in your mind but also in your stomach.

n. b.
incl. Transfer

Experience Gran Canaria on foot! Nothing is easier than that. We organize guided hiking tours in the most diverse regions of the island. With varying levels of difficulty is there something for everyone. Simple pack your backpack and off you go! Here you can book your Hiking Tour in Gran Canaria: Guided Hiking Tours

55,00 EUR
incl. Transfer

Great Trip on a Sailing Boat:
Come for five hours on board of a Sailing Boat and enjoy an exclusive sailing adventure. Let us show you the undiscovered treasures of the southwest coast. We come past at waterfalls which flow down over the rugged cliffs or at caves which are hidden between the cliffs. Here you can book your Sailing Trip in Gran Canaria: Your Sailing Trip

69,00 EUR
incl. Transfer

Tour on the world's largest sailing catamaran:
Spend half a day on board of a unique sailing catamaran - which brings you along the spectacular southwest coast of Gran Canaria towards Gi-Gi. Discover while you are sunbathing on the sundeck, imposing cliffs, lonely coves and small hidden beaches. Here you can book your Catamaran Tour in Gran Canaria: Your Catamaran Tour

53,00 EUR
incl. Transfer

Exclusive Yacht Cruise:
You want to experience a memorable yacht trip? There are no many others - only you and a maximum of 11 more people are there. Relax on board, go snorkeling, take a sunbath, enjoy the delicious barbecue food and drink. Or you just go for a swim. Combinations with various water activities are possible. Here you can book your Yacht Cruise in Gran Canaria: Your Exclusive Yacht Cruise

On Request
incl. Transfer

Jeep Safari:
Explore the various natural landscape of Gran Canaria at a seven-hour jeep safari through banana fields, forgotten villages and volcanic formations. Whether on-road or off-road. Immerse yourself in lush green valleys between high mountains and learn to know tropical plants. In a restaurant you can enjoy a delicious meal, prepared from local ingredients.

52,00 EUR
incl. Transfer

Atlantic Fishing:
We offer you an extraordinary experience: fishing far out on the Atlantic. You are about six hours on the open ocean and you catch yourself huge and exotic, but also dangerous fishes like rays, sharks or the Blue Marlin. Everybody gets its own equipment for fishing. For a refreshment in between will be served snacks and drinks.

65,00 EUR
w/o Transfer

Canyoning, Coasteering, Via Ferrata:
Canyoning means somehow to come down a ravine: jumping, sliding or abseiling. During the Coastering you have to come in various ways from a cliff into the water. The most people jump. Via Ferrata is something between hiking and climbing. In all activities you will receive professional guidance and equipment. Here you can book your Outdoor Activity: Canyoning, Coasteering or Via Ferrata

50,00 EUR
incl. Transfer

Dive into a world, far away from your familiar surroundings. Admire ancient wrecks, strange-looking or frightening creatures. Whether beginner or advanced courses, here you'll find the right thing for everybody. The whole equipment is made available, and for the trainers is the first rule: safety first. Here you can book your Underwater Experience: Diving Gran Canaria

43,00 EUR
incl. Transfer

Jet Ski Safari:
A spectacular adventure on the water awaits you. Explore the rugged west coast of Gran Canaria on a jet ski. Sea caves and high cliffs await you as well as secluded coves and beaches. You can ride in a one or two-hour tour on a modern jet ski across water and waves. (Price per person for two persons on one JetSki.) Here you can book your JetSki Tour: One-hour or two-hour JetSki Tour

60,00 EUR
incl. Transfer

Parasailing, Flyboard or Water Sports Combi:
Imagine, you are hovering 250m in the altitude... You are hanging on a paraglider... And a boat far below you is pulling you across the sea... Parasailing! Or try the "Flyboard" to float on a water jet... Or save money and try the combi, which includes Parasailing, JetSki-Driving and Banana Boat-Ride. Here you can book the Other Water Sport Activities: Parasailing, Flyboard or Water Sports Combi

60,00 EUR
incl. Transfer

Bike Tours:
You like to explore Gran Canaria by bike? Once to go on trails and forest tracks by mountain bike? Or for the untrained people only downhill, respectively cycling by an electric bike? With us you can do that. We offer various tours of varying difficulty in a breathtaking natural landscape. Here you can book your Bike Tour: E Bike or Mountain Bike

55,00 EUR
incl. Transfer

Watching Whales and Dolphins:
The boat put out to sea in order to begin to search the fascinating marine animals and after 2,5 hours on the sea to bring home unforgettable memories. Dolphins are jumping alone or in groups over the bow. And from time to time you see a gigantic whale tailfin, which protrudes out of the water. Here you can book your Search for Whale and Dolphins: Whales and Dolphins watching

33,00 EUR
inlc. Transfer

Island Bus Tours:
Experience the island with guided short trips in a very well-equipped and modern coach. Get to know interesting and impressive areas of Gran Canaria. You will be brought by bus and a English tour guide comfortably to the points of your coming great holiday memories. Depending on the tour you will enjoy a delicious lunch. Here you can book your Bus Tour: Gran Canaria Bus Tours

33,00 EUR
incl. Transfer

Horse Riding:
Have an unforgettable excursion on a horseback through the volcanic landscape with fantastic views Whether you already bring experience or you still never have sat on a horse. Experienced riding instructors, guarantee you that you can enjoy your trip fully and worry-free. Here you can book your Horse Ride Trip: Horse Riding

49,00 EUR
incl. Transfer

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